Save Money on SEO Marketing With Good Content

When you mention SEO Marketing, most people think of technical, on-page enhancements to backend code and UX design. While this should play a role in your marketing plan, good content is the most effective way to drive traffic to your site and save money on SEO. Good content gives your website credibility; which, in this day and age, is getting harder to earn. If your SEO definition consists only of the technical adjustments that make your website more visible to search engines, you should consider the impact that content marketing has on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as well as your marketing budget.

To prove that focusing on content is worth your while, we will refer to this real case study from an ecommerce website that sells home security products. After years of spending on technical SEO, the business was not growing, and they needed a way to increase their return for each marketing dollar spent. They decided to switch to a marketing plan with strong content creation. They were creating thoughtful, unique content solely for their blog.

Over a 6-month period, here’s what they achieved:


By shifting their focus to content along with strategic technical support, they were able to save money on SEO marketing. Picture this, rather than paying developers high fees to consult and make constant adjustments to their site, they were able to drastically lower their SEO spending by adding free or low-cost content to their site. And when you factor in the massive increase in traffic (and sales), it was a huge improvement to their SEO marketing strategy.

How Does Content Contribute to SEO Marketing?

So, lets back up. How exactly does good content affect your search engine rankings?

Google and other search engines take their job seriously, and their job is to provide users with the most useful answers to their search query. The vast majority of search engine users are searching for answers or other useful information, so Google is tasked with the challenge of providing users with the most relevant, informative content it can find. If Google searches only brought up pages filled with ads and meaningless “keywords”, then people would stop using it altogether.

Therefore, rather than spending your time trying to manipulate search engines, you are better off projecting your knowledge by providing the web with insights in your industry. This is the best way to improve organic traffic, resulting in improved search engine rankings over time.

How Does Content Save Money On SEO?

The best thing about implementing a strong content marketing strategy along with your technical SEO, is it can be absolutely free. Compare that to a traditional monthly SEO retainer cost of $750-5,000 that doesn’t include strong content, and may not include deliverables, measurable analytics, or actual adjustments to your website.

Surely you have a good amount of knowledge about your industry that most people wont have. You can capture that knowledge in text or video content that you can share with the web on your company’s website, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media platform. This content positions you as a knowledgeable professional or expert in your given field.

If you are not confident with your writing skills, you can hire freelancers to write for you at a rate you are comfortable with. You can create a client account on Upwork where there are thousands of freelancers that you can hire on a per-project basis; or, the better options is to hire the right marketing firm to listen to your business needs and then give you a customized four step marketing plan that will help you meet your business goals.

A Real Life Example

Let’s take another look at our case study from before. The graph below shows the results of a strong, content marketing strategy, and the impact it made on their organic traffic. This company posted unique blog content from July-December 2017, and saw their views shoot up from less than 5K per month to close to 40K per month. In that 6-month period, approximately 50 pieces of written content were published on the company’s blog page.

Organic traffic showing growth

If you don’t already have a strong content marketing strategy in place with your technical SEO, then we strongly suggest you contact us toll-free at 1-888-878-1529, or visit our website at Masters Marketing & Management Solutions to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Doing so will save you money and produce measurable SEO results for your marketing dollars.

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