New Marketing Agency Serving Louisville and Southern Indiana

New Marketing Agency Serving Louisville and Southern Indiana
Masters Marketing and Management Solutions Press Release


Masters Marketing and Management Solutions, LLC Brings Host of Cutting-Edge Services to Louisville and Southern Indiana
Team of seasoned consultants focuses on addressing and fixing dysfunctions in marketing plans so clients can experience immediate results.

Louisville, KY – June 24, 2018 – Focused on a Four Step Marketing plan that encourages clients to spend less money on their marketing campaigns via straightforward and effective tactics, Masters Marketing and Management Solutions, LLC has launched to bring a host of innovative services to Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Amongst these services are marketing consulting, search marketing, social optimization, PPC (pay-per-click) management, marketing automation and website development, all of which are nurtured by Marketing and Management Solutions staff to help clients experience tremendous growth while strengthening their internal systems.

“At Masters Marketing and Management Solutions, we follow a unique set of processes that enables us to help our clients realize tremendous growth while strengthening their internal systems, as well,” says a Masters Marketing and Management Solutions senior spokesperson. “This unique process is what we refer to as the Four Steps of Marketing, which ultimately culminates in a proprietary system that has been proven to increase sales and help productivity in each organization we’ve worked with.

“Clients have found our Four Step Marketing approach straightforward and effective, and unlike a plethora of other marketing agencies, we believe that clients should actually be spending less money on their marketing campaigns. Indeed, Louisville website design (and much more) has never been like this.”

The Kentucky-based marketing solutions agency also offers an e-book entitled Four Step Marketing Blueprint, available for purchase on, or download the book for free at Free Four Step Marketing e-book. The book guides readers through the four key areas of “marketing health” for their business.

As a leading firm providing cutting-edge, results-driven marketing and Louisville website design, Masters Marketing and Management Solutions has a team of consultants focused on identifying and fixing the issues in clients’ current marketing plans, so the client realizes results faster than their previous marketing efforts. In addition, the agency boasts the recognition of having completed 277 projects, 135 beautiful websites built and designed by their seasoned developers who have an average of nine years of experience in everything from marketing consulting to PPC management.

The Four Step Marketing approach as executed by Masters staff begins with helping clients fine-tune their overall marketing message by collaborating on the business’ unique selling points before moving on to assisting them with implementing offers to quickly grow their database. From there, the team measures a client’s entire marketing campaign and helps them spend less while automating the marketing plan so that nothing “slips through the cracks.”

In marketing consulting, Masters continues the Four Step Marketing plan by helping clients create a marketing message and plan that supports strategic growth. They speak with a client’s team to devise an approach that is clear across every department. This strengthens the marketing communication between the business owner and department heads concerning strategic goals and how to implement them.

Because finding a business today online has been likened by many marketers to “finding a needle in a haystack,” the Masters staff stresses that fixing this issue is not as simple as a YouTube video or colleague may suggest; to this end, the agency offers SEO, or search engine optimization, services that boost a company’s online presence in an increasingly complex and competitive digital marketplace. Due to the many changes and updates made to Google’s search algorithm, Masters makes it a point to focus a great deal of energy on evolving search engine optimization practices and how clients can be better found amidst search engines. These services incorporate SEO campaign management that fits a client’s budget, data reporting so clients are alerted of what’s working and what isn’t and expert advice on what changes Google (Bing/Yahoo) have made to their SEO requirements.

As social media has taken hold and become a go-to medium for modern businesses of all sizes, Masters’ marketing consultants help clients stay on top of this burgeoning scene with a bevy of professional social media marketing optimization services. The agency’s proprietary system fully manages clients’ social media presence and communication, guaranteeing they stay on top of social media demands while being able to remain focused on managing and growing their own businesses. This approach includes social media management across all social platforms, data reporting to decide what’s beneficial and what’s not and expert advice on the latest trends on Social Media platforms (including mobile apps).

In the area of pay-per-click management, Masters implements extensive keyword research, full pay-per-click campaign management to fit a client’s budget, data reporting and expert advice on Google’s best practices when it comes to pay-per-click campaigns, while marketing automation services include integration of CRM systems to develop and fill a client’s customer database, strategy creation and implementation for the best follow-up methods based on a business type and more.

With website infrastructures constantly changing, Masters staffs a team of web development and graphic design experts who ensure website design and integration with all other marketing efforts, mobile-friendly website design for excellent user experience, website analytics and testing and analysis based on what Google’s bots are looking for on a client’s site.

Masters Marketing and Management Solutions, LLC is located at 4621 Outer Loop Suite 196 in Louisville and can be reached by calling (888) 878-1529 or (502) 804-2465. For more information visit